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The Governess Club: Bonnie - Ellie Macdonald This novella was short and sweet but not terribly engaging. Bonnie's mother had been a governess who became a rich man's mistress; she raised her daughter to be a governess. Thus, I found it incredible that Bonnie would so easily fall into bed with Sir Stephen. There was a mystery, but it wasn't much of one. Sir Stephen is no Sherlock; he doesn't even ask who would inherit the title if the new young viscount dies. Ellie Macdonald is a competent writer, but the plot had inconsistencies. For example, after witnessing their parents' deaths in a carriage accident, the little boys refuse to ride in a carriage. Later, they are complaining about having to walk to the village, noting that the carriage would have been warmer. They refuse to leave Bonnie's side, so she sleeps on a trundle bed in their room, but later they have their own separate rooms. Sir Stephen is said to have inherited a barony, in which case he would be Lord Something and not Sir Stephen. I would not recommend this book.