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Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed - Anna Campbell,  Narrated by Antony Ferguson I did not enjoy listening to this book. First of all, I didn't care for the narrator, Antony Ferguson, whose reading style was so slow, and so full of long pauses, that I listened to most of the book with the speed at 1.25. Second, the first 50%+ of the book seemed to be nothing but long, detailed sex scenes between Jonas and Sidonie. I like steamy, but Sidonie's journey from innocent virgin to hot mamma went by in a flash, and I can easily do without so much description of their every move. I actually liked the last third or so of the book, when things begin to happen, but by then those things felt a little rushed.

Jonas was a fascinating character, scarred both inside and out, and the story of his redemption was very interesting. Unfortunately, that story didn't save the book for me, especially since Sidonie did some pretty dumb stuff along the way. All in all, I understood the lust but never quite bought into the love.