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Black Sheep - Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Georgette Heyer I've read this book several times; it's one of my favorite Heyer titles. Very funny, with plenty of romance. The audio version, narrated by Barbara Leigh-Hunt, was good, but I had a few problems with it. First of all, Ms. Leigh-Hunt is over seventy years old, and her voice sounds, well, . . . old. Too old, for the heroine, who is about thirty as I recall. She does a very good job with Miles Calverleigh's voice, however, giving him just the right ironic tone. Another problem -- and really it's my problem and not hers -- is that I kept hearing Lady Catherine de Bourgh, a role she owned in the 1995 BBC-version of Pride and Prejudice. That was distracting.

If, like me, you adore this book, however, I recommend listening to it. Miles Calverleigh is simply one of my favorite romance heroes anywhere.