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The Lady Who Broke the Rules - Marguerite Kaye A Regency-era interracial romance? Sounds intriguing, but ultimately I was disappointed in this book. The hero is an amazing man who worked his way out of bondage and has become a wealthy businessman in Boston. The heroine is the daughter of a duke, whose reputation has been ruined. She is also a free-thinking abolitionist. She meets Virgil when he is in England meeting with that country's leading abolitionists. The attraction is strong and immediate, but . . . .

In HR, there's always a "but . . . . " Here, you would expect all sorts of complications relating to racial differences; even abolitionists didn't 'want their daughters to marry one.' This topic, however, is barely mentioned, and ultimately the story is not much different from what it would have been if Virgil was a white American businessman wanting to carry off a duke's daughter to America.