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Waking Up With the Duke (London's Greatest Lovers, #3) - Lorraine Heath What an intriguing plot! Lord Walfort is paralyzed from injuries suffered in a carriage accident. The carriage was driven by his best friend the Duke of Ainsley, a rich, handsome expert in the art of lovemaking. Walfort's wife, Lady Jayne, hates Ainsley for crippling her husband with his drunk driving and ruining her life. Believing that a having a baby would make Jayne happy, and unable to do the deed himself, Walfort persuades Ainsley to spend a month with his wife in hopes of impregnating her. Jayne doesn't like the idea but decides that she'll undergo any suffering to get a child and to make her husband happy.

Ainsley, in turns out, has always been attracted to Jayne but never dared act upon his urges. Now, he has permission, but Jayne is determined not to enjoy herself.

From this beginning, lots of things could have happened but most of them didn't. Ainsley turns out to be a paragon, not a rake. Jayne falls in love with him, and Walfort proves to be not quite such a perfect husband as Jayne had believed.Then he conveniently dies. Every single potential problem or obstacle is overcome with such surprising ease that there is just no drama.

It was an enjoyable enough, but disappointing, read.