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The Perfect Lover (Cynster, #10) - Stephanie Laurens The last time that I read a Stephanie Laurens' book I swore, "Never again." But, silly me, the lure of a 99ยข Kindle book and fairly good reviews caused me to fall off the wagon.

This is a perfectly ordinary old-friends-fall-in-love tale, told at a large house party (which I usually like), with a murder mystery thrown in for fun. Simon agrees to school Portia in the ways of love -- in the name of protecting her from rogues -- so there's lots of (what Dear Abby used to call) heavy petting, progressing into lots of heavy sex. But, good grief! These myriad love scenes go on and on and on, and I had to resort to just skimming through them to find out who the murderer was, even though it was rather obvious. Just look for the most unpleasant man in the goup.

Stephanie Laurens does not believe in using one word when seven or eight will do. Most distracting, though, she eschews the use of subjects in her sentences. Just skips them, leaves them out, annoys the reader, sometimes confuses the reader. Tops it off with a sentence fragment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Cynster novel, [b:Devil's Bride|363499|Devil's Bride (Cynster, #1)|Stephanie Laurens|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348213744s/363499.jpg|2524956]. Every one since then was just dreadful. Now I really, really mean it: no more Stephanie Laurens.