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Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks Having now read a few Highlander romances, I've realized that I'm just not a fan. Nevertheless, I didn't hate this book. It's actually a well done love story about a supposedly "daft" girl forced by the king to marry the laird of the clan that is her family's blood enemy. In a period of two days, the laird figures out that she isn't daft but just deaf (as the result of an accident), something her family hasn't caught on to in three years. Of course, the laird falls in love with her and she with him. He's valiant and hunky, and she's beautiful and brave. There's a villain that can be seen riding his charger from three mountaintops away, but justice prevails in the end. If you're a Highlander fan, you'll probably enjoy this book.

I just can't get into Highlander world, though. All the blood feuds and "'tis" and "'twas" and "lass" and "aye" and "nay" -- it just sound silly to me. Now, is it any sillier than ton balls and duels and the scandal of riding in Hyde Park without a chaperone? Not at all. It's just that I find 19th century silliness more interesting than 15th century.

So, no more Highlanders for me. I wish it were otherwise, but there you have it.