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One Night in London (The Truth About the Duke #1) - Caroline Linden Original one-star review
This is a perfectly middling story, but I refuse to give a good rating to a book that ends with a cliffhanger designed to tempt us into buying the next book in the trilogy.

Upon rereading . . .
I confess that my temper got the best of me after the first reading, which ends with the arrival of a mysterious letter after the wedding of Francesca and Edward. Perhaps if it had been styled "Epilogue," I would not have been so unpleasantly shocked. I thought, though, that there would be more progress toward resolution of the "truth about the Duke," but now it's clear that we must wait until the third installment to clear up this mystery.

This is a very sweet love story, with some good steamy scenes. Edward likes lots of foreplay, so those scenes tend to go on for pages. Not that I'm complaining . . . .

I'm hooked enough that I'll undoubtedly read the rest of the series.