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A Night Like This (Smythe-Smith Quartet #2) - Julia Quinn Another cute but slight book from JQ World. Now that all the Bridgertons are married off, we're following the destinies of the Smith-Smythes, heretofore known primarily for their execrable musicales.

Daniel Smith-Smythe, Earl of Winstead, returns from three years on the Continent and is immediately gob-smacked by his cousins' governess Anne Wynter. Daniel is quite adorable, and his growing obsession with Anne is funny and touching at the same time. Anne has a secret past and is completely unsuitable to become an earl's wife. Thus, it's surprising how little consternation there is from Daniel's mother when he announces his plan to marry Anne.

The revenge plots (yes, there are two of them) are rather over-the-top, but Quinn delivers humor-within-drama (or perhaps drama-within-humor) when Daniel and his compadres, Hugh and Marcus, charge off to rescue the heroine. We've already had Marcus's story in the first book, but I was quite intrigued by Hugh and hope Quinn plans to write one about him.