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I need a new shelf.

A shelf called Why Did I Waste My Time?

A shelf for for books with the lowest ratio of complete to incomplete sentences.
Trant had waited for just the right hand to make the bet. Had waited for Chatsworth to get into his cups and to have some decent cards.
Had waited to place the bet when only two men would witness the wager. One, a man who was utterly devoted to his wife, and whose wife was a close friend of the lady of the bet. Who would hold the scandal secret. The other, a man who held the debts and markers of over half of London's citizens. Who would make sure the wager took place. Who wouldn't interfere--for it was his business not to interfere.

A shelf for books with the most instances of consecutive sentences beginning with the same phrase.(see above)

A shelf for books with supposedly smoldering sex scenes that are so obtuse, so fleeting, that it's over before the reader realizes what's happening.

A shelf for books that rely on italics rather than adept writing.
And she knew she was acting recklessly. But it didn't seem to matter. Even as she thought about it logically, she didn't care.

A shelf for books where the first 100 pages include a card game, a chess match, and a tea party. And nothing else.

A shelf for books by a writer whose efforts are adored by many other people.

But not by me.