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Love, Come to Me - Lisa Kleypas I LOVE Lisa Kleypas's historicals, but I've read only the more recent ones. Now I'm working my way through the backlist, and this one became available through my public library.

Unlike her other historicals, this one is set in Massachusetts, just after the Civil War. Heath is a southerner who has relocated to Concord, and Lucinda is the local belle, engaged to her childhood sweetheart. Naturally, Heath is determined to break them up and get Lucinda for himself.

Lisa is known for her delectable heroes, and even in this early book she creates a swoonworthy one in Heath. She's also known for her steam factor, and again, that is present here. I can't say that I was carried away by the romance, primarily because Lucinda is just too annoying. She sees the light toward the end, but it comes just a little too late.

Nevertheless, it's an enjoyable book, and I recommend it for any other diehard Kleypas fans.