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His at Night - Sherry Thomas Sherry Thomas is an excellent writer, and if my "star system" was based on literary merit, this book would be a 4 or 5. My system, however, is based solely on how much I enjoyed a book, so I'm constrained to give it a 2.

The premise was just too unbelievable: a very intelligent marquess who fakes being a dolt in order to be a better undercover cop. For 16 years! And why does he do this? Besides wanting to be of service to Queen and Country, he's mad at his late father for killing his mother. That's it.

Our heroine is much easier to understand. She's led a miserable life under the thumb of her cruel uncle, and she'll do anything to escape it.

The plot/action was actually very good, except I couldn't get past the whole idiot marquess business. And, I never felt the heat between the two. When and why did they fall in love with each other? I dunno.

Perhaps this book is too deep for me. Perhaps if I read it again, more carefully, I would appreciate it more. If that ever happens, I'll update this review.