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Surrender to the Earl  - Gayle Callen This is a lovely story of a young widow who is blind and virtually held prisoner in her father's country estate. Until the Earl of Knightsbridge shows up and offers to help her. Seeing a chance to escape, Audrey agrees to a false engagement to the earl, and he whisks her off to her own estate, inherited from her late husband, located only a few miles from his own.

Audrey struggles to establish her independence, despite recalcitrant servants, the occasionally patronizing attitude of the earl, and a sudden unwanted visit from her snooty sister. But her hardest struggle is against the growing affection between her and the earl. She has no desire to give up her hard-won independence to marry again and believes that the earl is helping her only because of guilt over causing her husband's death.

After a few weeks, the earl proposes that he and Audrey make their engagement real. Audrey is very (overly) stubborn, but the earl is persistent and patient -- which is nice in a suitor but it means the second half of the book drags a bit.

As I said it's lovely story, and I enjoyed it. And yet, a month after I read it I had forgotten everything that happened and had to quickly reread to write this review. So, I'm calling this one a 3.5.

Many thanks to Avon and Edelweiss for an ARC of this book.