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Don't Tempt Me (Fallen Women, #2) - Loretta Chase I quite enjoyed this tale of childhood frenemies discovering one another many years later. Zoe makes for a very lively outspoken heroine. She was kidnapped in Cairo at the age of twelve and spent the next twelve years living in a harem after being married to the sickly son of Yusri Pasha. Because of his infirmities, she remains a virgin and learns to get along with all the ladies of the harem. Finally, she gets a chance to escape and manages to return to England. The press and public are all agog at the return of the "Harem Girl," and truly she has no idea how to behave according to the rules of English Regency society. There are several laugh out loud scenes which send her older sisters and mother into the vapors.

Lucien de Grey, the Duke of Marchmont, has great affection for Zoe's father, who took him in hand after Lucien's parents and brother died. Therefore, Marchmont volunteers to help Zoe gain acceptance by the ton, not realizing what a challenge he's taking on.

Loretta Chase never disappoints, and although this is not her best book (how could she ever top Lord of Scoundrels?), it's a fun read with a touching romance and a bit of mystery thrown in toward the end.