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What I Did For a Duke (Pennyroyal Green, #5) - Julie Anne Long I liked this book, but not a lot happens here.

Upon Rereading . . .

I read this book ten months ago, gave it three stars, quickly wrote the "review" shown above, and moved on. Recently I've read two other books in the Pennyroyal Green series and like them quite a bit. Moreover, I looked at some of the glowing reviews of this book, including a really nice one on dearauthor.com, which inspired me to pluck this title from my To Read Again Perhaps shelf.

I'm glad that I gave it another chance. Perhaps I read it too quickly the first time, for this is a book that needs to be read carefully. It's true, as I said, that not a lot happens here. The story spans about a week during a house party at the Eversea's Sussex estate. Alex arrives intending to take revenge on Ian Eversea by seducing his younger sister, Genevieve, who is already in love with Harry. Then he changes his mind. And Genevieve changes hers. The end.

But, oh the journey that these two make to reach their happy conclusion is quite lovely. Ms. Long's prose sparkles; her humor insinuates itself without ever being laugh out loud. But you must read it thoroughly and not skim over the interior monologues (as I tended to do). Mr friend Moss described it as "pure joy" and indeed it is.

Highly recommended!