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The Proposition - Judith Ivory I've discovered a weakness for lower-class blokes who are smart and savvy enough to work their way into the upper-class world. Derek Craven in Dreaming of You, “Charming” Mickey O’Connor in Scandalous Desires, and Nick Gentry in Worth Any Price are now joined by Michael "Mick" Tremane, the Cornish/Cockney rat catcher who is the hero of this Pygmalion-inspired story.

The devastatingly handsome Mick is so clever, sweet, and charming that you can understand why the genteel but rather impoverished heroine falls for him. In fact, if you're like me, you wonder why she doesn't do it sooner. But she is not a woman given to living her dreams. Indeed, she hardly has any dreams. She's too intelligent and too independent to believe that any man can desire her, given that she's twenty-nine, too tall, and wears spectacles.

There's not a lot of action in this book. It's mostly Winnie teaching Mick to speak and act like a gentleman, and him gradually wearing down her formidable defenses.

How can the grand-daughter of a duke find happiness with a rat catcher? The ending is a bit contrived, as well as rushed, but this is Romancelandia after all.