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The English Witch (Trevelyan Family, #2) - Loretta Chase Just her second book, and already Loretta Chase's marvelous talent convincingly takes the villain from her first book and turns him into the reluctant hero here. And what a delicious rogue he is! The action ranges from his rescue of Arabella in Albania to the ballrooms of London to the English countryside. Yes, some of the action is rather unlikely (and far too complicated to even try to summarize), but LC keeps things moving and the reader enjoys going along for the ride.

This book is the sequel to [b:Isabella|1635404|Isabella (Trevelyan Family, #1)|Loretta Chase|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1228871349s/1635404.jpg|1629626], which is good but not great. There are many characters who turn up in both books, so for maximum enjoyment, I recommend reading both in quick succession. The Kindle versions are just $2.99.