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The Tutor - Meg Brooke This book started out well, with a unique plot. Cynthia Endersby was groomed by her Oxford-don father to be as educated as any young man of the day. Perhaps better educated. She has tutored several young ladies married to political husbands, which leads to her being hired by the new Duke of Danforth to help him prepare to take his seat in the House of Lords. It turns out, however, that Cynthia's father has become insanely controlling, and all she wants is to earn enough money to escape his house forever.

Cynthia's father belongs on the shelf next to the worst HR fathers ever, and the backstory is clever and unique. After she begins working with the duke, however, the story largely becomes predictable and rather boring. I was disappointed to see Cynthia become too much like other young ladies of the ton and frustrated that the odious father never really gets what he deserves.