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Edenbrooke - Julianne Donaldson Before reading, I asked myself, "can this book possibly be this good?" At the time it had 242 GR ratings for an average of 4.54; nineteen 5-star ratings on Amazon?

Well, it's very good, but not that good. I noticed that a lot of the reviews emphasize how "clean" the book is, as if that's enough in itself to merit five stars. I myself prefer not-clean romances, but that doesn't mean I'll give it just one star.

The plot hums along, and the writing is quite nice, especially for a first-time author. I did not notice anachronisms or overly modern dialogue. (There was, however, a nonsensical reference to building up "my armor, chink by chink," which an editor should have caught.)

If, like me, you've read and reread every Georgette Heyer, I would recommend this book.