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Sweet Enemy (Veiled Seduction, #1) - Heather Snow I love house party Regencies, and the majority of this book takes place during a house party organized by the hero's mother in an effort to force him to take a bride. That, however, is where the cliche ends. This amazing first-time author proceeds to take several Regency tropes, twist them around, and produce an entertaining romantic suspense story.

Highly recommended.

2 June 2013
Un-oh, boys and girls. I still love this book, but my inner Inigo Montoya noticed the following howlers:
*And when he’d called his mother’s games frivolous, Liliana didn’t prettily demure.
*His voice lowered and his eyes turned soft in that way that Liliana had come to recognize precluded, at the very least, a kiss guaranteed to curl her toes.
*He lathed her neck and shoulders with his tongue and teeth. (Ouch!)
*A terrible ache formed in her heart and she shook her head to disabuse the notion.

You keep using that word photo thatword.jpeg
Memo to writers and editors: get a dictionary!