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Outlaw (Carre, #1) - Susan Johnson Wow! I really enjoyed this book by an author I hadn't read before.

Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby, is a rich, powerful, totally promiscuous, and utterly charming Scotsman. (Nary a kilt in sight; it's only 1704. He wears trewes.) He becomes obsessed with Lady Elizabeth Graham, after he abducts her to hold in exchange for his brother who has been captured by Elizabeth's father. And although she's a respectable widow, she becomes obsessed with him too. He lets her go, but that's just the beginning.

There's steamy sex, political intrigue, an interrupted wedding (and another wedding where the bride and groom are in bed during the ceremony), sword fights, more abductions, and finally, true love. Johnnie is absolutely yummy. It's a fun read!