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Slightly Married (Bedwyn Saga, #1) - Mary Balogh What can I say? I'm a sucker for Mary Balogh's books.

After reading the last of this series first -- Slightly Dangerous (because it was the highest rated on GR) -- I'm now going back to read the entire series. This family is that compelling.

And, this is not just another marriage-of-convenience story; there are external as well as personal pressures that lead the characters to find love with one another. Along the way, we're introduced to the entire Bedwyn family, and they are a handful, to say the least.

Balogh also creates an intriguing cast of secondary characters, in the heroine's cobbled together "family" of lame ducks. You can't help but love all of them.

Aidan is delicious. His transition from taciturn soldier concerned only with Duty to loving Papa is especially touching.

So, I'm off to explore the next chapter!